ACCU-RATE™ fire sprinkler estimating©

I have been in the estimating business for over fifty years. This includes plumbing, HVAC, sheet metal and other piping systems. During this time I kept trying to find an easier way to perform this labor intensive work. I used tape recorders, piping assemblies, clerks to write up my take off and other procedures forgotten.

To estimate a job of any system you must know the cost of the principle item. Each has a unit cost to buy. Each item has a labor cost to install. Each system has component parts to assemble. And each must be assembled into a comprehensive format understood by your colleagues and the boss.

I have worked out a system that takes all of these items and simplified them into a comprehensive format.

To gather cost of material we must call on our supplier and request a unit quote for each item, some 2900 items. We must ask all the questions about delivery and associated questions. This takes time. My ACCU-RATE program reduces this to a monthly down load of net prices from our suppliers. It takes a few minutes each month. Our suppliers do not hear from us for prices. They in turn can reduce their workforce should my system become popular.

Each item has a labor value attached. You type in the quantities and Zippo the cost is totaled and the labor is in place for that item.

Some parts have numerous sub assembles. Select the major part and zippo all of the sub components come into play.

The form we use becomes a common format in the office. When I review a job at my home office I recognize the features of the job quickly and know where to look for the details. Zippo the bid is ready to quote.

Here are the by-lines of my adv:

You will:

The face sheet has a list of items requiring consideration. It is easy for the estimator to run down the list to pick up missing parts. It is not idiot proof. Mistakes can be made but are easily found and corrected by considering the RATIOS.

Before the ACCU-RATE™ fire sprinkler estimating© program an estimator had to gather cost of materials, by calling on suppliers, requesting unit prices for each item. This took time. ACCU-RATE™ eliminates these phone calls. Net prices are downloaded from our suppliers over the internet in minutes. Your office force and your supplier’s office force will reduce as this system is used.

Each material item has a labor value attached. You type in the quantities and Zippo the cost is totaled and the labor is in place for that item. This product puts you in the computer age. I have owned and view numerous programs. None represent my experience and knowledge of what a good estimating program should be. Other programs require expensive offline maintenance and fees. This program is based on Microsoft Excel. It is therefore easily transferred thru out the office and suited to your territory.

Today 90% of the contractors estimate jobs with pencil and paper. Each time the boss looks at one of these estimates they are different, they have no format. Get into the computer age and get ahead of your competitor.

Try the ACCU-RATE fire sprinkler estimating program. If you have any questions or problems phone me Bob Neubert at 1-800-246-5191 or 1-314-574-1107